What Can You Expect?
We are a relaxed bunch yet very serious about worship Jesus, and walking with the Holy Spirit.


  • What is it like?

        We prioritize three areas: Worship, The Word, and Prayer.  We believe that all three place us in an atmosphere where we can bless and be blessed, edifying one another.

  • What about my kids?

        We like to have our kids participate during worship, with singing and flagging, and then they go to Children's Church for the rest of the time in church. We also provide Nursery. 

  • Where do I park?

         There is plenty of parking space in the main lot in front of the church and also an overflow area in the back.

  • What do I wear?

         We are a mixed crowd, you can wear casual, or anything that makes you be comfortable for church.

  • How can I get connected?

        We try to keep connected via phone, Facebook, Twitter, or the church website, as well as in person.

  • What about my spiritual needs?

        Glad you asked. We believe that all our needs -even physical, family, careers, social, and such- can find root and thrive in our spiritual health: As John puts it "I want that you prosper in all things, just as your soul prospers".

        That is why we put emphasis in communicating spiritual growth through all the activities, operating in the gifts of the Spirt.