As we come out of the pandemic of the last two years, there are many opportunities to serve in a variety of ministry areas. Take a look below and contact us about any questions or ideas you may have, or if any suggestions to make.

People Helping People
We believe that we are all called to use our God given gifts in service of Jesus. Is there any area below that you might want to join?
  • Video Manager - Online Presence - Video Editor
  • Sound Technician
  • Worship Team: Voices, Instruments
  • Presentations
  • Maintenance
  • Ministries: Missions, Children, Youth, Visitation, Prayer Teams, Food Bank
  • Logistics: Events Preparation, Electricians, Landscaping, Kitchen
  • Garden, Decoration
  • Signs, Billboard, Websites
  • Community Liassons, Connections
  • Prison Ministries

Some of those areas are already manned, although there is always a welcomeing spot for all who can lend a hand, and use their gifting to bless others.  Some areas are still in need. 

Contact Pastor Conrad at Questions